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Quality, Excellence, Flexibility, Professional Development and Productivity

These are PCG's key objectives to its Competitiveness and Success as an International Consulting Engineering Group
PCG Profabril Consulplano Group
In the leadership of international Engineering based in Portugal

PCG Profabril Consulplano Group

Consulting Services

PCG Profabril Consulplano Group, the largest Portuguese based Consulting Engineering Group, with 50 years of experience, is based on the cumulative track record of Profabril and Consulplano, two of the leading Portuguese Consulting Engineering companies. Presently, PCG Profabril Consulplano Group, in Portugal and abroad, with a turnover of USD 40 million and 550 staff, owns a number of operating engineering companies.


PCG’s operating companies currently provide services of engineering consultancy, management and construction supervision, EPCM, with the capacity of turnkey contracts, covering four large activity areas of engineering:

1.    Civil Engineering and Urban Planning
2.    Transportation
3.    Industry and Energy
4.    Environment

Types of Services

PCG’s companies can provide a wide range of integrated services, from the pre-investment studies up to the partial responsibility for the site execution of projects, grouped as follows:

  • Consultancy & Technical Assistance

  • Sectorial Development Plans

  • Project Evaluation

  • Industrial Technologies & Processes

  • Opportunity & Feasibility Studies

  • Site selection

  • Environmental Impact Assessment

  • Basic and Conceptual Engineering

  • Manufacturing Engineering

  • Architectural & Engineering Design

  • Updating and revamping of Industrial units

  • Repairing, Improving and Rehabilitating Structures and Buildings

  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals

  • Financial Engineering

  • Project Management

  • Turnkey Type Projects

  • Supervision of Construction of Works

  • Procurement

  • Industrial competitiveness programs such as: 

    • RAPIS, Rapid Action for Performance Improvement Strategy

    • RCFA, Root Cause Failure Analysis

    • RCM3, Reliability Centered Maintenance

    • TPM, Total Productive Maintenance


    • MBTI, Myers Brings Type Indicator

    • APPRAISE, simulation of possible skills scenarios

    • NAS, nomenclatures of completed activities

  • Start-up & Commissioning

  • Quality Control

  • Materials Engineering

  • Inspections and Technical Audits

  • Evaluations and Quantity Surveying

With an international presence, PCG Profabril Consulplano Group has been developing projects in a large number of countries.

  PRESENTATION PCG Profabril Consulplano Group    

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